Primitive Myth Picture

Another art class assignment. We had to create a tryptych. (3 connected pictures, basically)
I had this grand idea of representing a sort of primitive mythology based on the air, land, and sea and using a totem animal to represent each one. I wanted a sort of simplified, primal portrayal of these totem animals, which I hoped to achieve by reducing them to simplified shapes and colors with black highlights and outlines to tie them together.
The backgrounds are painted masonite with the animals and other elements painted on paper, cut out, and painstakingly attached with rubber cement.
After laboring for several weeks of class to create something that I hoped evoked cave paintings and other types of primitive art, I was told that my lovely symbolic mythological collage looks like "something out of a children's book."
Oh well. Can't win 'em all, eh? Still, I'm rather proud of it. I think the bird is the strongest single piece but most people seem to like the bear for some reason.
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