Aegis Picture

Oscar was a lucky individual. All his life he had great wealth, a superb physique, and even a 4.0 GPA. This was partly due to his parents being well-paid scientists for the Providence organization. Since he stopped by his parent’s facility to see them often, it came no surprise that a kid would walk in. Much like his day to day live, he walked in on his parents examining a pair of alien robots discovered by a research archaeological dig. When his parents stepped out to get a cup of coffee, Oscar himself tried to examine the robotic duo, he accidentally turned them on. The dark and silver one, perceiving Oscar as an attacker, stabbed him. Feeling intense pain, Oscar keeled over and was just blacking out when the dark and gold one leaned over him. When Oscar next woke up, he heard voices. Lots of voices. He looked around but didn’t see any people. He saw the dark and silver robot but he didn’t see the gold one. Oscar, feeling scared of the dark and silver robot for obvious reasons, ran out of the room. He made his way down several hallways until he was lost. He looked around and saw the gold robot. No it was a mirror. Oscar was the robot. It was then that the robot’s A.I. introduced itself. It said that it was the repository for all of the knowledge of an alien race called the Kuari. Oscar searched and eventually found his parents. He was about to explain to them what happened but they said that they were aware and that Oscar needed to come with them. Oscar followed them to a laboratory with several trays wicked-looking power tools. They said that Oscar was about to dismantled so that they (Oscar’s parents) could understand the droid. Oscar rebelled and the drone’s A.I. allowed Oscar full reign of its body as payment for the life he was thrown into, just as long as it would not interfere with his mission. Oscar used the robot’s abilities to break himself and the other robot out. The two used their abilities to track down Locum and formally requested and joined their roster.

Oscar Brestich is a precautious individual, always the responsible and careful one, wanting all bases covered and every option explored. Oscar can bottle up his emotions rather easily but he still has to struggle against them in times of danger and crisis, thinking his emotions would impede his judgement.

Alien Robot physiology: Due to having a body that was constructed by an alien race, Oscar is granted a number of amazing abilities including:

· Superhuman Strength: He can lift/press 2 tons.

· Superhuman Speed

· Superhuman Agility

· Superhuman Reflexes

· Regeneration

· Elasticity: While nowhere near as elastic as other shapeshifting supers, the main material of the Aegis drone is Pyonium, an alien metal that while are strong as iron, is as flexible as rubber, allowing him to change his hands into claws and stretching to great heights.

o Superhuman durability: As a result of his elasticity, the Aegis drone is nearly impossible to injury using projectiles or blunt force.

· Weaponry: Despite being a drone used mainly for defensive measures, the Aegis has more than just a few weapons to ward away enemies. These include:

o Flame-throwers

o Electric Shock Tazers

o Concussive blasts

o Small-scale missiles

o Laser beams

· Flight

· Force-field generation

· Superhuman vision: thanks to the advanced computer systems in the drone, it has several vision based capabilities including:

o Infrared vision

o Telescopic Vision

o X-Ray Vision

· Psionic Mainframe: The Aegis drone is no ordinary drone. All of its liquid circuitry that is represented in a black liquid is actually made from organic computers. Each single cell of the black circuitry is actually a single brain. In other words, the Aegis drone has all the inhabitants of the Kuari homeworld within his body. As a result of this massive amount of literal brain power, the Aegis drone is capable of doing several psychic feats such as:

o Telekinesis

o Telepathy

o Mind-control

There are several drawbacks to the Aegis unit:

Every single Kuari brain has an individual personality which manifests as a voice inside of Oscar’s mind, thus making it hard for him to concentrate.

Due to being an techno-organic organism, the Aegis is vulnerable to electromagnetism, which renders him offline and if left offline long enough, dead.

The Aegis is heavy so being in water, quicksand, etc. is a very bad idea.

Despite it being rubbery, the main component of the Aegis is still a metal so extreme temperatures can damage it.

Oscar was of German descent

Aegis was the name of mythological shield in Greek myth.

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