My Mandala Picture

*-*Notice: Please do not laugh or leave rude comments. I accually did this myself and I wrote the description myself. Read if desired ^_^*-*

Wondering what the symbols mean? Well this was an assignment in my Classical Mythology class. It’s called a mandala. It’s a circle with archetypal symbols that expresses completeness, unity, and stability. There were 10 questions that went along with this assignment. I shall list them then tell you what symbol it is.
*When do you feel spiritual?
- Symbol: Plane. When I am on a plane and when there is lots of turbulence and I think I’m going to die. I swear that is just about the only time I pray to God.
*How do you believe the universe was formed?
-Symbol: Boom! I believe in the Big Bang Theory. I believe heavily in science and it just makes sense to me.
*What ethical code do you believe in?
-Symbol: Scale. On one side good, the other evil. As long as the good part is heavier than the evil my ethics are ok in my book.
*Name one important event in your life.
-Symbol: Traveling car. I moved from my home town to a new bigger city because my mom got a great job. Only problem was we moved in 10 days. It was very stressful and now I hate packing but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. It was a good move for us.
*What creature are you most like?
-Symbol: Dog. I chose dog because I love to sleep the day way, have my food prepared for me, and I love to get attention ^_^ But if I was a dog I would be a chow chow or a sheltie, not a poodle xD
*What creature are you most unlike?
-Symbol: Duck. I chose this because.. Well it just came to mind and I couldn’t really think of anything else honestly..
*What object best represents you?
-Symbol: Computer. I picked this because I spend a good portion of my time on the computer talking to friends or creating pictures and I think technologically.
*What trait makes you heroic?
-Symbol: Heart. It is to represent my kindness; I am kind to everyone who deserves it, no matter what.
*Item of importance to you
-Symbol: Kindle. I absolutely love my kindle. I have read so many books on it and most of them I even got for free. Thanks to the kindle I finish a decent sized book every week.

Now I hope you enjoyed my little description and my sucky drawing xD
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