Japanese Myth Adopts 1 All Gone Picture

These are items that become Japanese mythological anthros.
Copied from my FA adoptable sales. That's pretty much where I've been hiding for a while XD All the links are Furaffinity

$5 choose gender, preset species.
$6 choose gender and species from list below
Either way, you get a full body ref with a back view torso. Examples: [link] [link] [link]

It will become one of these creatures:
Eastern Dragon
Foo Dog - Shisu

Wanted to make these for a while cuz I'm a dork and really love the unusual beasties that come out of Japanese myth. Sorry to be a stickler about species, but I really wanted to make these into specific things, but I also wanted to make it easy if someone rrrrrrreally wants a dragon or a kitsune or whatevers. There shall be more of these, but I'm doing them in threes to make it easier to manage. I am calling the one in the middle a shirt cuz I don't want to call it a happi and be wrong >.<

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