Resplendent Individuals Picture

The inspiration for this came from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." What I did though, was use various characters from American folklore, novels, and one character who is real, but has a myth about him. Some characters you might now more than others. That is because I also went with at least two lesser known, but super cool (and underrated) fictional characters.

(From left to right) This team consists of: -Joe Magarac: A folk hero of Croatian-American folklore. Born in an ore mine, with flesh of steel, and making a living as a steel worker. Joe is praised for his benignly heroic demeanor. Parents often encourage their children to look at him as a role model due to his selflessness and integrity.
-The Great Merlini: An eccentric stage magician who moonlights as a detective of impossible cases. He dislikes such things as the New York City subway system, beer, inactivity, opera, golf, and sleep. Amongst the things he does like include but are not limited to surf bathing, table tennis, puzzles, circuses, and Times Square. He also happens to run a magic shop in Time Square.
-Robert Leroy Johnson: The blues playing genius whom is claimed to have sold his soul to the devil for his skills. Well his skill in music is the result of hard work and talent. In this story, he owns a guitar possessed by a enigmatic spirit. The spirit will perform spells and enchantments at Leroy's bidding, depending on how he plays the guitar. Due to the fact that Leroy is so skillful he is capable of making the spirit due incredible things.
-Dorothy Gale: The young lady who landed in the wonderful world of Oz. Dorothy is quite accomplished, as she has been on many adventures, made many good alliances, earned numerous honors, and now runs her own share of land. Strong willed, independent, and capable of holding her own in any situation. (Unlike in the movie, she was never much of a damsel in distress in the books. You can bet darn sure she is not a damsel in distress here either.)
-Zorro: Masked man vigilante alter-ego of Don Diego de la Vega. An nobleman who braves any challenge for the little people. Be it banditos, corrupt people with power, or anyone who dares commit acts of villainy. Armed with the most deadly skills in swords, guns, whips, hand to hand, horse riding, and practical humor, Zorro himself is a force to be reckoned with. Fitting to his name he is sharp as a blade, and clever as a fox.

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