Podo Picture

It was about time I made another supernatural monster for Forever and Nevre, although the one I wanted to do more than any other had already been done, albeit poorly, so I enhanced it. This si pretty much the closest thing to an original monster you'll get in Forever and Never, as the Podo has no physical description I am aware of.
Species: Podo
Mythical Origin: Malay (?)
Class: Vengeant Spirit
Alignment: Unwilling Evil
Preferred Prey: The blood of its master, and only its master

The Podo is a demonic spirit created by a murderer as a minion, from the leftover blood of his very victim. In return for its unwilling services, the Podo secretly drains the blood of its new master, slowly at first, then quicker as time goes on, getting its revenge on the man, or woman, that killed it.
The Podo flies through the air with 'wings' made of blood, the very cell-structure of which is covered in microscopic wings and stinging tentacles. By telepathically lacing together the bood cells to work as a swarm, the Podo is able to glide through the air while appearing to shimmer and emmitting a low buzzing sound. Due to the microscopic nanostingers, contact with Podo's blood is often fatal.
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