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Human applicaiton form

Application Form
To join you must fill out the drawn application and submit it with this written application in a deviation. The drawn application requires a FULLBODY, COLOR image. Flat colors are fine. Please put in effort, anything on line paper for an application will not be accepted. No tracing, bases, stolen work, or pixel art.

Profile to Fill Out:

Age: Humans age normally, residents of the oceans ages at a much slower pace and are often over 100 years old while still looking in their teens or twenties. Take whatever human age they look like and multiply it by 8 for their real age.
Species: Aquatic species or human.
Gender: Self explanatory.
Position/Job: Applies to mod applications and human applications only. Human jobs can be anything within reason for the time period, just don't make yourself like a king or something :/
Origin: Aka, which ocean/continent are they from. The type of fish you have will dictate which ocean they live in. Research the fish a little to find out what type of climate or where in the world they live, you should be able to figure out where they are from based on that. I will be checking to make sure you got it right.
Height/size: More for humans than for merpeople, but if you want to give us a general size of your mermaid, go for it.
Personality: This is where you should really start to shine. The more detailed and thorough you are with the information about the character the better. We want to get to know them. Including aspects of the type of animal they are based on is always good too.
History: This is the other part that you should be detailed in. We don't need a life history, but be detailed enough to give us a good background on the character. Length is encouraged, but novels are not.
Misc: Anything else goes here.

paper shape: [link]
paper texture: [link]
damask BG: [link]
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