My Creation Myth Picture

This was for an assignment in my Mythology class where we had to create a "creation myth" to explain how the world and the creatures in it were "born." In my creation myth, the four deities at the bottom were the only ones to exsist. Starting from the left: Axel, the deity of Earth; Uriah, the deity of Fire; Jovani, the deity of Wind; and Nixie, the deity of Water.

I know this may sound funny, but all they ever did was play cards at a huge square table with only a little light bulb (that was just as big as they were, mind you) as their only light source. They got bored playing cards and decided to create the world as a new play thing. The demi-gods (who resembled the humans the deities created) were no way related to the deities, but helped them take care of the world.

Mother Nature (I'm very uncreative) took care of all the plants and animals (she's the chick in the middle, btw). Mary Weather (again, very uncreative), who controls the weather... and her brother, Blake, who controls the ice and snow, were born from icebergs. Mary weather arose from the Northern Hemisphere (The North Pole) and Blake arose from the Southern Hemisphere (The South Pole). Nixie was like a mother figure for the two and believed that Blake was somehow "evil" and so she banished him to rule over the Southern Hemisphere and deliver the lost souls of the dead.

Uriah grew lonely as the years went by, being as she was the only one without a "child" so to speak and thus she birthed from her wings the child, Aiden (the boy at the top). His name literally means "little flame." Aiden heard many stories about the world growing up and when he heard Blake's tale he thought of it as injustice and cruel. So he faced Nixie, Axel, and Jovani and declared a threat upon the world unless justice came to Blake. Originally the three deities were going to strike Aiden down, but being as he was the only "child" to Uriah, she convinced them otherwise and they reluctantly agreed to give Blake a chance.

Blake was given the season of Winter. As long as Winter lasted, he was allowed to roam free from the boundaries of the Southern Hemisphere and in that time he would happily spend time with his sister whom he missed so dearly.
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