sea serpant Picture

There used to be a time where a mere ripple on the surface of the sea would put fear in to the hearts of even the hardiest of maritime sailors, this stopped Humans from investigating these huge beasts and that's all they wanted, not to be disturbed. Thousands of years later, humanity has grown arrogant and over-confident with their technology, and now...out what seems like shear boredom has started to 'investigate' these myths of the past. (as in, if they find something, blast as many torpedoes, bullets, missiles as you can until it dies).

The UNAF-231 fast attack sub, is one of the 'investgation' teams sent. During one of their patrols they stumbled across Syther, a sea serpent. She was minding her own business until the sub launched one of it's many torpedoes.
what ever happens now, one things for certain... the war has begun.
this is something i did when i got a little bored at collage, it took me a few hours to do and Haven't decided if i should color it yet >.>.

anyway enjoy
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