What lies... Picture

Oh the lies we humans insist upon,

about the things that sleep in the deep of space,
in the dark and utmost silent places,

about primeval creatures eons old,
predating all life except for their own,
predating the very concepts of time,
watching in wonder the earth and its fate,

watching as we struggled to tame the wild,
in the divine name of the human race,

watching as we struggled to claim it all,
in as many of gods names we could give,

watching in horror the earths final day,
when our struggles to have the final say,
had finally brought the earth to its death.

But they are just stories that keep us awake,
we say to ourselves to lull us to sleep,

like the ancient Greek gods of Olympus,
we made them out of fear of the unknown,
then built statues and came to fear the stone,

They're all just legends, they're no more than myths,
no gods are sleeping in the dark silence.

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