Nezha's Mother Picture

For this contest.

As I mentioned in my previous Nezha scene, his story begins with his miraculous birth. But prior to that, his mother had been pregnant for the unusually long period of three years. I took that idea and ran with it, using it as a chance to play with Chinese architechture while Nezha’s mother, laying in bed, is attended to by a concerned servant.

The story of Nezha actually takes place in the Shang dynasty, but as I am quite unfamiliar with Shang dynasty architechture and furnature and there are in fact very few references, I chose to set the image in the Ming dynasty, when Fengshenyanyi, one of the main sources regarding the Nezha myth, was written.

One part folklore, one part general knowledge of China, one part Ming dynasty furniture reference book, two or so parts imagination.

This was originally intended to go along with this piece, which I have since removed from the contest in favor of this one.
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