GMC-Master and Brother Picture

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i hate using the same bse twice, but i couldnt find anything better ><
anyway, this is Doby (arnold) and Kenny for Greek myth -o- chan. Doby was originaly an orphin, but kenny was bored, alone one day and dicided to adopt a friend to play with. several times, becuase they were young, Kenny saved Arnold in different ways. and arnold was great to kenny no matter what, finaly, kenny got cocky one day and dicided that he will call arnold by his original last name, Doby, and Doby will have to call kenny 'master'. Dosy didnt mind, like i said, he was greatful to kenny. plus kenny was a bit emotinally scared. His dad was a in a famus jazz band a toured around the world. his mother was a movie star, and kenny had the house all to himself since he was seven. Doby knew about his greek powersand promised to serve and loyal to his master. they've be best friends ever since though.
i hope you like it ^^
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