Sailor Dagon Picture

Oh dear, she came out very oddly lopsided/slanty, didn't she? Oh well, this is Sailor Dagon, first of a series of senshi based on ancient Canaanite deities that I'll be drawing! Details on them below, but first, about Dagon herself:

- Dagon was a god of crops, but also of fish and fishing, hence Sailor Dagon being a water senshi, and using fishing tools as her weapons, like the hook and line she's got here (Yes, this is where H.P. Lovecraft got the name from. No, she has nothing to do with him and no references will be made. I enjoy Lovecraft, but I'm only focused on the aspects of the original mythological god Dagon for her)

-Colors are ultramarine and teal, metal is silver

- Is the most independent-minded of the senshi, thinks of herself and her planet as most important aspect of Elohim System, and as not needing the others. She still helps, of course, in her own interest.

-Her arrogance and pride make her vulnerable to flattery, but she is a very creative and productive person.

- Self-sufficient, self-reliant. She asks for no help from anyone, and generally she doesn't need it. Even her very planet is almost entirely self-sufficient, generating everything is people needs on its own so that the planet Dagon participates very little in trade with the other planets

- The penalties for breaking the law of her planet are almost as harsh as that of Planet Moloch (another planet in the same system)

Senshi from a system of planets named for Canaanite deities

The Canaan gods were all considered to be children of the one great first god El, hence they were called "Elohim" meaning "children of El"

They don't have civvie names, but if they did they would be in languages spoken in the Levant (Arabic, Turkish, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Kurdish, etc.) since the Canaanite religion was practiced by people living in the ancient Levant.

The culture of each of their respective planets is based off various Middle Eastern societies, modern and ancient, with a healthy dose of fantasy and sci-fi added

The uniform is based partly off a reproduction of a Mesopotamian dancing costume, partly after a Halloween costume of Jezebel that aimed at historical accuracy rather than sexiness (as in Queen Jezebel from the Bible, who married the king of north Israel and was the daughter of a Phoenician king)

Guardian Animals: Shachar and Shalim, owned by Sailor Anat (their names come from the twin gods of dawn and dusk) They are both trainers to the senshi and nursemaids to Anat when she was young (flipping around the Canaanite story that they were the ones nursed by the goddess Anat). They are lamassu (head of human, body of lion, wings of eagle, legs of bull), but if on Earth I think they would instead take the form of, of course, Canaan dogs!

While each planet is governed by its respective senshi, the Elohim system is overall ruled and given life by Queen Shamayim, an immortal spirit who resides in their sun, Shemesh. She had a physical form when the Elohim system first formed, and she gave birth to the original senshi from whom the current ones are all respectively descended from. However, she does not step in to stop the current conflict, as she considers it a test that will keep the Elohim Senshi strong. If they fail, well, she can always make more....

(Shamayim was the god of the heavens whose name means "skies", and his name later came to actually mean Heaven itself, as in the dwelling place of god rather than the literal sky, ins Judaism later. Shemesh was a sun deity of ambiguous gender)

Anat's older siblings are twins Anu and Antu (named for a pair of deities that were said to be the parents of seven evil spirits). They are jealous that she inherited the starseed of their planet and thus will become ruler of Anat rather than them. In order to unseat her from the throne and take over the planet by force, they have gathered people from across the Elohim system who have various grudges and agendas against the various Elohim Senshi, and promised them that if they help them take over Anat, they'll use Anat's military (which is the best in the Elohim system) to help them get at the other Elohim senshi and planets. Hence why the other Elohim Senshi have come to the defense of Planet Anat and its rulers even though they aren't ruled by Queen Shamayim like the Solar System Senshi were by Queen Serenity.

The villains that Anu and Antu recruit are various demons from Mesopotamian myth, such as Kulullu, Basmu, Ekimmu, Gallu, Pazuzu, Ugallu, and Utuku. They are collectively called The Igigi under Anu and Antu. (In Sumerian mythology, the Igigi were a group of rebellious younger deities that turn against the chief god, Enlil) Anu and Antu are called The Annunaki Twins as a unit ("Annunaki" means "those of royal blood" and were a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures, and the Igigi gods worked for them in one story)

....god I am such a nerd
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