Ashi's Influences Meme Picture

I thought this was a interesting meme so here's my edition. I'll start from the top and move down with my descriptions and then go back to the top when the row is finished.

1. Mineko Ohkami's Dragon Knights. I've been told that my art looks to be influenced by this manga and I deeply admire this mangaka for her attention to detail, character development and the fact that even throughout the publication of Dragon Knights, she continuously improved her art. Though it is a bit hard to find in stores nowadays, I would definitely suggest this manga to others.

2. Yoshihiro Togashi's Yu Yu Hakusho. My all time favorite manga and anime. It is thanks to this story, that I really started to create my own characters and pushed me to start working on my own stories. This is a staple of the Shonen manga genre and many newer mangaka's follow the same character formulas for their own stories. Definitely a must-read. Togashi's HunterXHunter is also an awesome manga.

3. Mythology and Fairy tales. Probably one of the oldest influences upon my art and myself as a person. Ever since I could read, I've studied mythologies and legends around the world. I draw my biggest inspirations from them, feeling that you really can't go wrong with the classics. My favorite myths are those coming out of ancient Greece and Rome, though I also am very fond of Norse and Egyptian stories as well. As I grew older, I became more aware of my Irish and English heritage and began to study the world of fae and to this day, if you ask me if fae exist, I will most definitely assert that they do.

4. Books! Books are my oldest friends. As I child, I grew up without siblings and parents who worked often. After I started attending schooling, I did not get along well with the other children, most thinking I was very odd and socially awkward. I would spend the majority of my time reading in the corner quietly and as I grew older, I even had to hide my books from my teachers during class as they would take my books away from me as if I were messing around with an electronic toy in class. Books are able to take me away from my reality and into different worlds. Whether it is back in time in a history book or to a land of elves and dragons in my favorite fantasy books, I am always glad to read. My favorite author is Terry Brooks, who was influenced greatly by Tolkien and if you enjoy reading I cannot suggest enough you pick up his Shannara series.

5. Music. Well that's a no brainer really. I enjoy quite a range of music, and I feel that music can open doorways. I enjoy classical, techno and dance music, and new age/celtic types of music mostly, but also enjoy pop, rock and songs from musicals X3

6. Nature. Even though I don't spend a lot of time outside, nature has always been a great influence on me. To me, there is nothing more amazingly stunning than untouched nature. One day, I plan to live in a home where I can be surrounded by trees.

7. Space and Astronomy. I am a big space junkie. Though I'm not obsessed with space travel, I love the pictures that the Hubble Telescope sends back to us and I can only dream what lies beyond what we can see. And though it isn't really the same, I also enjoy astrology and believe just as much in those cosmic forces as I do the science-y ones.

8. Ryu Fujisaki's Houshin Engi is another great influence on me. His art style is amazing and I love the way he mixes ancient Chinese with futuristic. Mixing ancient with modern is his way of helping me push my stories to be their best. He is truly a fantastic storyteller and I am looking forward to an anime remake since the original did not due the manga justice.

9. Kazuya Minekura's Saiyuki is an awesome retelling of the ancient legend Journey to the West. Her art style is truly amazing and I love how she blends realistic features into her art. Her stories literally leave me begging for more and I only wish that one day I can aspire the same kind of reaction in my audiences with my stories.

10. Richard Brady or
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