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Oh hey! here's this thing I did. I didn't even mention, like, half my influences. But I tried to name a few.

And now I will explain them! Because I like talking about my shit.

WARNING: This is kind of TL;DR.

1. Japanese Woodblock Prints. Totally gorgeous and amazing. I love the colors and the elegant style. I want to make illustrations like this.

2. Etchings by Gustave Doré. Dude's got STYLE. I just love the epic-ness of his etchings and illustrations. They're often biblical, which I can dig, and a few of them are fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood. Just freakin sweet. I must learn how to etch so I can rock as hard as this guy.

3. 50s/60s Advertising. It's kind of deranged how much I love the aesthetic of these ads. I find that whole "American Dream," perfect household concept delightfully creepy. So when I'm trying to be creepy, I turn towards fallout shelters and saran wrap ads. haha.

4. Alison Bechdel. OMG Alison Bechdel. She's literally the one that got me hardcore into graphic novels. Her autobiographical Fun Home is still stuck in my head to this day. She just has an awesome way of telling stories, and has a really great drawing style that I just adore. She's a beast!

5. Storybook Illustrations. And stuff. I love older storybook drawings. For that mater, I love fairy tales in general. Myths, legends, fables and fairy tales are all inspirations to me. But particularly when I see them illustrated in lovely ways I really get inspired. I try to mimic these great illustrations when I can!

6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Easily one of my favorite anime. Underneath all the fanservice it's truly amazing. I love the style of the animation (in both the movies and the anime), and the philosophizing they do just makes me happy. It really makes me think, which is always awesome.

7. Kate Beaton. This lady is easily one of the smartest and most hilarious people in the internet. She has some really great history jokes that are funny even if you don't know crap about history. Plus her style is just goofy and hilarious.

8. Music & Album art. This is the cover for Circa Survive's Blue Sky Noise album. Music really brings art out of me, BSN being one of my absolute favorite albums. but I also love good album art. And as you can see, the album art for BSN is sickawesomeweird. If it were my job to listen to music and then make a cover for the album, I would be in heaven.

9. Nakaba Higurashi. Aka the character designer from the Baten Kaitos games. She's got the biggest square because out of all the artists here, I love her style most. It's anime, I suppose, but without being KAWAIIIIIDESUKA. their eyes are not too huge, they have really cool noses, and their proportions are pretty lifelike. Plus the costumes she draws are ridiculous. In a good way.
(not knocking artists of really big-eyed anime, btw. I just personally don't like drawing thaty way- I know tons of talented artists that favor that style!
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