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Pherata- Goddess of the Oceans, other bodies of water, and one of the three great creator gods. In the Asnorit myth of creation, the three gods Pherata, Stratokus, and Terophite combined their powers into one to create the world and the beings that inhabit it. Pherata created the oceans, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water of the world along with the creatures that inhabit such areas. She gave her water to help Terophite give birth to the first plants. In some myths, Pherata, saddened by the fact that she couldn’t be closer to her worshippers, granted her most devout servants with the ability to survive underwater, thus creating mermaids and other races of the deep. She is generally portrayed as a beautiful woman with hair a deep green-blue, eyes like pearls, shining skin like fish scales, and ears like fish fins. Her symbol is a tidal wave. Her corresponding animals are the angel fish, the sea turtle, and the sea dragon.

Another pantheon page and the last of the three creator gods. Here we have Pherata, goddess of the oceans and all things aquatic. I was originally going to give her peach skin with a blue tint to it but everytime I tried it, her skin just looked this sickly grey so I said, fuck it and gave her just blue skin. I'm pretty pleased with out she came out. I hope you guys enjoy her, too.^^

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