Golem of Prague Picture

according to the myth, the golem is a creature formed out of clay and put to life by placing a piece of paper in it´s mouth. it can understand and follow the orders on the paper, but it can´t speak. it is created to help and protect the jewish people. Being an owner of a golem meant to be wise or well educated in medieval times.

Prague´s most famous golem legend is the one of rabbi Judah Löw (1525 - 1609) that created a Golem with the help of his son in law and his student. they formed a humanlike creature from clay. he represented the earth. The rabbi´s son represented the fire, the student represented water and the rabbi himself represented wind. one after another they walked round the golem seven times. fire, water, wind. to finally awake him, they spoke about God´s alive wind that gives life to every creature.


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