Pion Galileonux Picture

Pion Galileonux


Pion Galileonux is a Titan that hails from a distant part of the universe. This extraterrestrial Titan is a master technician and is capable of manipulating wind. He is often seen wearing a personal device of his called the Jetpack Mountain. Crafted from an actual mountain and equipped with massive turbines and rockets, this backpack allows Galileonux to not only fly through the heavens but also through space.

Being a Titan capable of manipulating wind, Galileonux is able of using wind to aid him in many things. He can use wind to either pick up or blow away stuff. His manipulation of wind also helps him in flying. By sending wind through his Jetpack Mountain and its turbines, he is capable of creating lift and energy to allow him to fly. When traveling through space, he can create an air bubble of wind around his face enabling to him to breath. Though the lack of oxygen in space doesn't actually hinder any immortal including Galileonux himself, having the bubble allows him to function more easily in the void of space and outmaneuver other immortals.

Galileonux is renowned for bestowing knowledge about space travel to many races. He helped many races achieve space travel and to a lesser extent extradimensionial travel. Through him, many races were able to sail through the stars at ease. Galileonux is also renowned for mapping a good portion of the entire universe. He is an explorer at heart and through his exploits many have learned a great deal of the universe and its mysteries.

Due to his flying capabilities, it is widely believed that Galileonux's role in the Titanomachy was that he provided air and space support. While there is truth in this, other than that what else Galileonux did is pretty much a mystery like everything else concerning the war. After the war, Galileonux is said to have left with the other Titans. There are rumors and myths that say that he continues exploring the universe. However, other than exploring, it seems that Galileonux has chosen completely to no longer have an active role in the affairs of mortals and lesser beings.


*Galileonux is an original Titan I thought up of. He doesn't come from any mythology.
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