The Source of my Inspiration Picture

YAY! I failed so hard. I wanted to put in MORE stuff. But I made things to big, but they DO influence me like that. c:

1. Peter Madsen's VALHALLA. What got me into comics to start with, and mythology. Norse Mythology that INSPIRE me so much. And goes under here to save squares. :U

2. Ola Skogäng. Theos Ockult Curosities, awesome style and not to mention the stories. Myths, legends and ockult things happening in Stockholm. THEO is the man! I mean BEAR for it! The artstyle is EPIC and darkish.

3. Mike Mignola. Seriously, most people put him up but he IS that good and all. Stories as well as artstyle inpire me.

4. DC Comics. Yes, superheroes are my passion. The frames, stories and epicness blows me away. Love that.

5. Marvel. Inspires me even more sometimes with their HUGE gallery of characters. Who are all interesting and interact WELL with each other. So MANY characters and they still work in the same universe. AWESOME!

6. Bus-rides. I get plenty of inspirations when on the bus. I travel for 3 hours straight 2 days a week and that gives plenty of time. The nature too helps. Only bad thing that I get nauseus when reading/writing in a vehicle. And that SUCKS cuz I forget ideas I have after only 10 seconds. NEEDS to be written down. Crap~

7. Bill Willingham. Creator of FABLES with the artstyle of Batman (
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