Kimu Picture

Name: Kimu

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Race: Aka Manto/Dames Blanches

Birthday: May 1

Blood type: O-

Eye color: Dark Red

Hair color: Light Blue

Home town: Good question.

Relatives: Mom, Dad, Older brother

Nick name: Ki, Aka, Ao, Aoi, Manto

Personality: Childish, Troublesome (sometimes) , Nice, Sweet, Dangerous

Like's: Sweet's, haunting bathroom's, Blue paper, Red paper, Kimono's, asking people if they want blue paper or red paper when there in the bathroom.

Dislike's: Bitter food, Spicy food, Sour food, Dry food, When people ask her for paper instead of Red or Blue paper,

Bio: A little Japanese-French girl who's French accent is much stronger then her Japanese accent. She can be a trouble-maker depending on who she's with. She loves eating sweet's and can't stand any other kind of food. She is constantly seen Haunting the bathroom's and asking if you want Red or Blue paper. She get's really angry when people ask for a color that isn't Red or Blue. She uses 'Plan Kimu' and 'The Kimu way' a lot.

Her mom is a Dames Blanches (Hence her French accent)
Her dad is a Aka Manto (Hence her Japanese)
She is actually very sweet
She has a crush on Kaizer
'Plan Kimu' asking if someone wants Red paper or Blue paper.
'The Kimu way' asking if someone wants Red paper or Blue paper
Talks in third person
More of a Aoi Manto then a Dames Blanches. Which is hilarious considering Ao Manto's are only men. (Is she has a older brother (Which I'm still not sure about) He might possibly be more Dames Blanches then Ao Manto consider Dames Blanches are only women)

Yesssss. A while ago I kept on spelling Miku as Kimu for some reason and two day's ago I started doing it again (But with Lief instead of Miku) and started wondering if I should make a character named Kimu. I did. I like her. She's cute. I didn't want her to be human but didn't know what I wanted her to be. I figured that since she wares a Kimono that I'd do some Research on Japanese Myths. A few of them where absolutely hilarious. Why'd I choose these two Mythical creatures? What do they do? Wellll

Aka Manto - A malicious spirit who haunts bathrooms and asks the cubicle occupants if they want red or blue paper. Cause I just found it Hilarious. And my older brother made it funnier giving it a French Accent.

Dames Blanches - Were female spirits or supernatural beings, comparable to the White Women of both Dutch and Germanic mythology. The Dames Blanches were reported in the region of Lorrain (Lotharingen) and Normandy. They appear (as Damas blancas, in Occitan), in the Pyrenees mountains, where they were supposed to appear near caves and caverns. Just to explain that French Accent.

Yep! She's no longer half Abura-Akago! I was never really fond of that part. So I did some research on French Mythology and thought that the Dames Blanches where perfect

Base by: Hana-Pixels

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