Mephisto Picture

Cochise “Cochi” Kakanla had a standard Arizona Apache upbringing. He lived with the tribe, attended public school and had a generally good normal life. However, on the night of his 21rst birthday, he dreamed of a colossal black figure. He said he was Bec dilxil xastin, a primordial deity of Apache myth and told Cochi that he was his sole heir. With that, the giant reached down and touched the youth’s chest, causing the young man to spring up in his bed, suddenly feeling power coursing through him. To better control his abilities, he decided to travel to the Penance University where superhumans could learn to harness their powers.

Cochi is a very spiritual person, often believing in myth and legend over facts. He is also somewhat showy, often making the most menial of tasks sound like important endeavours. He also thinks his way is the best, often forcing his opinions on others.

· Neolympian Physiology: Because he is the only true heir and inheritor of his predecessor’s power, Cochi has several abilities including:

o Energy Conversion: Cochi is able to absorb any kind of energy and convert it into electricity of immeasurable power. Cochi can only keep his body’s energies filled for about 9 hours before he starts shooting off electricity by unconsciously. It takes a full day for him to recharge once his power reservoirs are drained.

o Electrokinesis: Cochi’s body constantly exudes a low electrical pulse that is transmitted to his metallic combat sticks. He also can shoot raw electricity out of his hands for combat.

§ Superspeed: Cochi is able to briefly transform himself into electrical energy that can move at super speed. This also works for flight if he directs his body upward then converts it into electricity.

· Martial Arts: Even without his powers, Cochi is an extremely skilled martial artist, especially in capoeira.

· Intellect: While not genius level intelligence or superhumanly smart, Cochi is gifted in the areas of Native American Mythology and culture.

· Weapons

o Twin Combat batons that channel his electricity.

· Weaknesses:

o Cochi is not immune to electrical based attack

o If he doesn’t release his powers regularly, his body will begin to automatically shoot off excess electricity randomly.

o He cannot control all of his powers that well.

He gets his name because when he first got his powers, he thought they were demonic in nature.

Cochi is Apache.

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