Super Human (An Explanation) Picture

This has been a concept I've been working out. It is basically about humans unlocking their full potential. Basically it revolve around a thing called the trinity of being. Everything is made up of three things, mental/spiritual Being, the physical being, and the magical being. Each creature on earth is made up of this, magical or not, and humans are no different. However their magical abilities are not as strong other creatures and are automatically assumed to just be weak in magic. However this is both true and false, for you see, while they are weak in magical ability it doesn't mean that their potential in such a thing doesn't exist. This is the result in fully unlocking the magical path in the trinity of being. To explain A human's evolution has always been focused on three things and although these are the most common attributes most creatures have it is just applied differently through the evolution of each creature. A human's 3 main attribute's in are unity, spirit, and the ability of knowledge and reason (The id and the ego) . Now I'm not saying other creature's don't have this ability as well, for every creature has a little bit of everything and are all capable of doing the same things with hard work. But each are gifted in their own unique ability that their species evolution led up to! For example, spiders have their webs, snakes have their venom, and birds have their wings. Of course there is more to it than that but this is to be a brief example. Human beings are no different and our unique abilities and that is the "manipulation of their environment to suit their own needs" (Yes I got that from NGE) this basically translates into great psychic abilities and they use their environment as if it was an extension of their own bodies. A simple yet strong power. When the trinity is completed the true power of the human mind and soul unleashes itself, the mind is amplified to a great extent, blurring the lines between the mental and the physical, partial fusing with their astral projection, and causing them to become pseudo-spirit like beings made partially up of great spiritual energy. This means they are allowed to interact to a limited extent, ghostly creatures, allowing themselves to make actual physical contact to such beings even while intangible, this doesn't mean you can phase through walls and no longer need to breath as you are still a physical creature with all the same needs as other physical creatures. (Food, Water, Rest, Ect.) I thought long and hard on this concept blending many different mythologies, such as the roman concept and myths on soul mates, myths on the ties between humanity, fire, the Egyptian ba, ka, and ankh, chakra's, yin and yang, the book of genesis (Thanks NGE), the myth that humans started out as animals and animal like creatures, and finally Freudian psychology. (Again, thanks NGE) Many of the Freudian psychology is put into representation as well. The id is your "inner beast" to be brief, it represents your instincts and desires. This influences your "super" form on what shapes it will take. Your favorite animals will basically be applied to this form fulfilling the myth that mankind was once beasts and pseudo-man beasts. The super ego represents learned learned behavior put into the effect of the chakra markings on the body, each with it's own cultural symbolic markings that have had a great influence over them in their life. Finally the ego is the total consciousness of that person balancing out the id and super ego, which is applied with color of each form, taken into account one's personal favorite colors as well as there psychological impact. The darker colors are applied to the markings which represent the "inner" and the brighter colors are applied to the body which represents the outer. The hair grows long simply because it looks cool and to follow the gospel of Samson. Finally there are 6 different psychic powers 3 "yang" and 3 "Yin" But I'm gonna hold off on that for now on whether or not to go through with it. For now I've been using myself as a base, since I like dinosaurs, I gain dinosaur like qualities, however I'm still working on the markings and color scheme. Expect different concepts and designs that are not influenced by myself and such.
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