The Daughter of Loki and Sigyn: Astrid Lokisdottir Picture

So, my sister and I decided, "You know what? The Avengers (and Loki) need children!" Then, the children were created from out minds! Yes, this can be seen as evil (for the Avengers). BWAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, this is Astrid, who is the daughter of Loki and his wife, Sigyn (incase you didn't read the title). She is half-Jotun and half-Asgardian; therefore, people judge her on Asgard. That's why she spends lots of time on Midgard with the other Avengers' children. She's really philosophical and stuff... hence why she gets quotes that are semi-philosophical!

And (unfortunately) no, I do not have a fanfiction for her yet. It is still being written (plus, I still have to write Abigail's). When it is written, I will inform you all.

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