Theron Picture

Name: Theron
Age: Unknown
Species: Chimera
Ability: Spells (Spoken word)

Theron was born in along the shores of modern Greece. It is believed that his mother was the first chimera ever. He, his father and his mother would constantly travel along the shore, never staying on the same beach for more than a full day.

When Theron became of age, his father taught him one simple spell: petó̱ (πετώ). Petó̱ means to fly. Theron's father taught him how to feel the energy of the word, how to understand its truest meaning, and when spoken, to use it. His father told him to never give his name to anyone unless he trusted them with his heart and soul, for they could use his name against him. Theron and his parents then went there separate ways. Chimeras will only have one cub per litter and will mate for life, so it was time for Theron to find his mate.

He travelled for three months searching for a mate. Chimeras are extremely rare, which is why humans believe that they are purely myth. When Theron finally found his potential mate, she used a flight spell to test his spell casting skill. He had to literally catch her if was to get the chance to become her mate. He hadn't practiced the spell his father taught him, so flailed about like a fish out of water. She teased him constantly. She could have easily left him to find another, more worthy mate, but instead she stayed. She liked his persistance (a fine trait to pass on to future generations). It was late in the night when he remembered the spell. He meditated and dug deep inside the word. When he spoke, he let out a roar, a blast of light energy radiating from his mouth, "Petó̱!!"

He flew with such speed and power, that he nearly lost control and almost landed in the ocean. He turned around and went straight for the female. She didn't even have time to react.

Six months after that night, they had been happily mated, and with a cub on the way. Theron had learned many spells from his mate whose name he had learned to be Alicia. One day, early in the morning, while Theron was out fishing for sharks, terrible men, poachers, had found Alicia unaware and caught her. They bound her arms, legs and mouth so she could neither cast spells, nor seriously injure the men. It took 5 men and 3 large doses of tranquilizers to subdue her.

When Theron flew back, he held a shark in his arms, pleased with his catch. However, when he saw his mate being loaded up into the back of a human's truck, he was so enraged that he dropped his catch and roared, "Fo̱tiá!" meaning "fire." Unfortunately, this cancelled out his flight spell, sending him plummeting to the earth with fire spewing from his mouth.

The poachers managed to get away, leaving only a cloud of dust in their wake. Theron survived the fall, but he was knocked out for several hours. When he woke, the poachers were long gone. Instincts told him to search for his mate, so he did. Along his quest, he came across other poachers, and in his rage, he viciously maimed them.

Theron still searches for his mate, taking down any poachers he finds.

Theron's Spells:
Fo̱tiá: Fire
Petó̱: To fly
Désmi̱ Enérgeias: Beam of Energy
Aspída: Shield
Sas kaloún se ména , ____: "I summon you to me, (insert name here)." After learning another's name, Theron is able to summon them to him if so chooses, and make them do what he wants.

Theron © ~Yazora
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