Quetzacoatl Picture

At last! The supremacy of Aztec mythology has gotten to me.

"Ecce Deux!!!"/"Behold God!!!"

Can you tell who it is? No? Ohh... *drool* Double headed snake's his solid jade sword...

Not yet? Once a king, now master of law, the arts, and the sciences...

You sure you haven't got it yet? His name means "Green-Feathered-Serpent" and upon his death into birds he transformed.

C'mon! Not yet? Lord of the morning and of unborn infants, glorious divinity of wisdom.

Give up?


Anyways... pen and ink, color pencils on paper made by moi. Train ride home. Yes, I was bored.


Besides, Fuzzy's organizing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign this summer and he's going to be my character. Of course, he's actually going to be an "it". That's right, no gender. I'll let you know how this one turns out. So far I know It's going to be a cleric who can transform into a black Latin American jaguar. Also that It will be a healer and a long range fighter.


Describing the actual drawing and what everything means.

His crown, skirt feathers, and sword/staff are made of black Jade. In other words, can only be found in Central America. Quetzy's ceremonial mask, soles and quirass are made of silver. Lot's of that. The white part of the skirt is made with 600 thread count Peruvian linen. Beat that, corporate America. That bundle on top of his head? That's hair. According to the myth, Quetzy had light hair that was almost white.

A word about his sword. I thought this would be cool. It is a LIVING thing. It is actually a living piece of jade that looks like a double headed snake, and as you know, the next thing stronger than diamond's jade. Due to the fact that the sword is a living thing, it acts as an extention of Quetzy. In battle, it will wrap its heads around the neck of one enemy, strangling them, while the blade slices and dices someone else. There's nothing scarier than a Guerra Florida with a multitasking Aztec, I'm telling you that right now.
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