Orion and Artemis 70's Style Picture

I'm a big Orion x Artemis fan, and I was very unhappy where there was rarely any sign of them on here. Granted, I've seen some really nice ones, but there hasn't been much uploaded this year. However, Orion's constillation is more famous than the myth itself.

Someone has been uploading some really nice pictures recently. I applaud them. I wanted to make my own Orion/Artemis tale for a while, but the whole modern setting is getting too popular, so I decided to go back to the late 70's.

The movie Grease was released around that time, and I thought that that style fit Orion well(but he wouldn't bother cutting his hair, fixing his gapped front teeth, or plucking his unibrow). In the story, he is called O'Ryan. A slick ladies man, but very clever. He is admired by most people, but those who don't find him intimidating due to his hieght(6ft 7")and his strength. I'd imagine he'd have two greyhounds. A normal one, Canis Major, and an Italian, Canis Minor.

Artemis was hard to concept. I wanted her to keep her curly hair, but in the 70's long and feathery was all the rage. Finally I saw a picture of curly hair kept back by a hairband in the 70's. Which is my favorite part of this drawing. I picked an outfit that suited her tomboy style. In the story, she as the alias of Miss Arte. She nearly collasped into tears when she saw Orion again(bt O'Ryan doesn't know he's the reincarnation of Orion). Now, she has to protect him from A.Paul.O. *wink wink* to make sure he lives a full life this time.

Orion and Artemis is from Grek Mythology

The design is mine.

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