Foxfeet Picture

another reference to Greek Mythology
the Teumessian Fox this time
Name: Foxfeet
Species: Vulpes
Homeworld: Teumessia
Powers/abilities: Foxfeet is fast, super fast. Like the Greek myth of the Teumessian Fox, the fox that could never be caught, that’s her. Of course her keen canine body is adept and still functions like an animal but a little bit more sentient. In fact she only is a little bit smarter than a Vulpimancer [link] Because of her intelliginece level and animalistic nature she still retains most of her animal senses and animalistic aggression. She’s also now has adapted vocal cords, that while don’t allow her to be able to speak languages like English, Greek, Japanese, etc. do allow her to produce a high pitch whine that can shatter almost any material depending on the level of the screech. This sonic yell, or sonic yowl can be very useful for attacks against enemies. She also can spit ice and catch her tail and sometimes body on fire depending on the situation and environment.
Info: while most Vulpes are still much more cunning than the average fox they still retain most of their original intelligence, not much. They have evolved to be able to air under tremendous pressure using their lungs thus being able to freeze and object they breathed on. Not only that but they have been seen as also being able to raise their external body heat to the point their scolding hot to the touch. They have adapted to be able to contain fire on their bodies and are able to manipulate it using their tails.

kind of hard but still great science
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