Nrition - God of Energy Picture

Nrition - Energy Cryscon
Type: Oz/Fire/Dragon
Class: God/Immortal/Spiritual
Lg: 11'2" Wt: ????? Lbs
Tl: 31'5" Ws: 79'8"
Colours: Red Body, Yellow Underbelly and Wings, White Hair


1) Nrition, roughly translated, means,
"Forbidden Truth." Very little is known about
him, except for a few legends about his raw
power and his eventual capture and sealing
2) One of the Brother's Three, this dragon
represents energy. It is stated in mythology
that he once went on a rampage, upset with
humans and how they were using his energy to
try to tame gods. He was sealed away as a
3) "...Lord, thi... Whole ci... His rage is
un... Wants all humans de... Mighty ro...
impo..ible to ta... Why does he hate us so
much?" - Tattered, Burnt Diary
4) "Bring forth an orb of darkness, an orb of
light, and an orb of illusion if this beast
you want to set free. However, be warned, mere
mortal, for he devours the flesh and burns the
soul." - Myth engraved on the Hall of Illusion
5) "Cursed, foul fiend of fire! I damn you to
the depths of hell with your brother! You will
pay for your crimes against humanity, and
never see the light of day again! Your Plasma
Blast will be used no more!" - Nrition's

Ws means Wing Span, Tl means Tail Length, and Lg means Lenght

Also, please not that the length does NOT include his neck or tail

One last note. I am not entirely sure of the tail length nor the wingspan. I am not very good at eyeballying anything in positions such as this. So, if anybody notices that they are bizarre compared to the body length, please let me know. Realize that the wingspan includes BOTH wings!
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