Goddess Series 3- Izanami WIP Picture

Part of my death goddess series, done for a class. These six in particular are women who have been abused and/or forced into the job of ruling Death/the Underworld of their respective mythologies.

She and Izanagi were the creator gods and/or parents of the Japanese islands after the churning of the ocean. (The first was made from the falling drops off their spear; I think there's a pervy joke in there but I can't find it) When Izanami gave birth to the god/kami of fire, she died and went to Yomi. Her husband followed, but Izanami could not leave due to eating food of the underworld. She would not let Izanagi see her, but being a dick, he lit a comb. When looking upon Izanami's decaying body, he screamed like a bitch and ran. Izanami chased him, along with the howling women, the Shikome. When Izanagi reached the surface, he pushed a boulder in front of Yomi's entrance. His wife screamed that she would claim 1,000 lives a day and he retorted that he would create 1,500 daily.

What a messy divorce, eh? I wish there was more material about these two, but their continuing story has to be created by us/people. Mcmuu had two otaku senshi (Orcus and Viddus) inspired by this myth, but she never wrote it. ): Lovely characters though. I hope she's doing well, wherever she may be. <3
Pen on Bristol(and my fave of this series part)
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