Fire Dragon Picture

Fire Dragon. Part of my elemental dragon thing.

Edit: Fire Dragons are fairly well known. They are the Fire Drakes of Western Mythology. They hoard treasure and gold and other precious things that man loves.

The males and females are both very colorful. The difference between them is the male's pointed tail. The female's tail is more rounded. The two genders are very found of hoarding treasure and their caves where they live are often packed with gold and jewels and the bones of prey and enemies. The female lays her eggs ( four at a time) on a nest of gold coins. She keeps them warm by wrapping herself around them and blasting them with fire. If they get too cold, even for a moment, they will die. The young dragons are feisty and can already breath fire by the time they hatch. The father brings the female and her children food, which is blasted with fire and eaten charred and warm. Fire Dragons are the only dragons to cook their food.

Fire Dragons are the most ferocious of all the elemental dragons and the most likely to kill a human. They are pitiless and brutal, but cunning and swift. They often have wings, even though mine doesn't. They can fly very well, even though they aren't very fast. They are the only dragon able to breath fire, which they use to char food, kill enemies, and warm young. The males fight over the best females, showing off their frills and horns and breathing fire. The winner will gain the female, and the pair will stay together for two years and then part. It takes about three years for the young to grow to adulthood, and then they will be able to fend for themselves.

Fire Dragons are often solitary, and stumbling across one in their mountain caves means death. The story that knights killed dragons is a myth. Fire Dragons have very hard scales, and most weapons bounce off. The Fire Dragons live world over, but they are not seen very often.

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