Titan Project: Annihilator Picture

I don't know where word "Project: Titan" or "Titan Project" originally came from, its in multiple media, I know its in one episode of Kim Possible and Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. I think its a cool term to use, especially that it is related to the mythological titans.

Seen anything familiar? Its the Annihilator Air Fortress! Transformed and battle-ready. I have built this to be the greatest foe of the Dragons Titans. Unlike, the Dragonic Machines, its is more technological, made by a different group people call themselves the 'Mythmakers', hunt down and destroy any real mythical creatures or things and turn them into myths. It is made to destroy the Dragons, a formidable opponent, slower than the Dragons but it has hard armor, can counter almost any attacks and the Dragons' elemental attacks almost have no effect on the Annihilator. It has no conscious mind, has a energy gem/crystal like all the other Dragons but came right from the mines and power is strong and unstable. Its purpose is only to walk and destroy anything in its path.

Mythmakers Machine: Annihilator
Nickname: Goliath
Type: Machine/Weapon/Titan/Destroyer
Element: Metal, Energy, Destruction, and Void (Nothingness)
Ability: Flying and Swimming
Absorb: Raw Energy
Weakness: None
Special Attacks: Energy Shockwave and Blackhole
Other Techniques: Chaingun, Penetrating Laser, Metal Claw, Missiles, Side Guns, Increase size up to 2,000 ft tall maximum, Telescopic/Magnified Vision, Scan, and Transform

3 Modes:
Titan Mode
Ship Mode
Overlord Mode

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Annihilator (c)
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