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1. Late medieval - Long, tight-fitted dresses, bastard swords, longbows, knights in shining armors...
2. Early medieval - Vikings, Slavs, rich, embroidered clothes, lots of beautifull jewelry. And temple rings!
3. Saint Seiya - I used to draw a lot of OCs inspired by desing from this series long time ago
4. Sudio Scythe - tried to draw similar eyes and face tattoos.
5. Rimfrost and 6. Martini - They was strong inspiration for my chibis, especially M-chan.
7. Ragnarok Online - this game was important part of my life for few years
8. Wicca - Horned God and Tripple Moon Goddes, wheel of the year, nature cycles
9. Celts - most of my character names are from celtic mythology
10. Harry Potter - (especially Prisioner of Azkaban). I have some OCs from this universe, own story with two alternate versions and collection of other people's fanarts and fancics
11. Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock - One of the strangests books I've ever read. Beautifull, magical story about growing up, life and death, and about all known and forgotten myths of the world mixed in one place. I really love the concept of masks and "Hollowings" - windows and (later) doors to another worlds.
12. Arina Tanemura - I fell in love with frills and ribbons because of her.
13. Deviant art - with many talented people from all over the world. I feel envious of their awesome skills. And sometimes it makes me want to draw by myself.
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