Rick And The Dark Yoshi Part 15 Picture

Part 15: Dungeons, darkness, Probshis

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And instead of a fat summery, heres a script ( and the words are small)

Rick( white blue Yoshi):Nightsky, I missed you like crazy, Luckily I met a guy called Razo, But I was not happy even with friends, I though about you every night.
Nightsky( female Yoshi with stars): Y our lucky you got friends fast, I had a hard life...Yoshies tried to kill me just because I loved you. Then a Mythological forest guardian king, ever since they watched over me
Rick: Forest guardian?
Nightsky: Well...none of that matters, what does is that you need to escape before scorna can kill you! Maybe if I take you to the forest guardians, maybe they can help you


Spooker( black blue Yoshi): AAAOOOOWWWW! WHO WAS THAT GUY?
Prescott: You lost him...Do you have any idea how slippery those two can be? You should have more knowledge than me, but so far your just pathetic...
Prescott ( purple gremlin): You think that will stop him? Just hurting him won't do the job! Scorna said that she wanted him dead at all costs you idiot!
Spooker: Well, what if we throw him in jail? Genius
Prescott: Alright, that's actually reasonable...I give you that! Whats your plan?
Rick: Forgive me for asking but...FOREST GUARDIAN?
Nightsky: Its a long story... But I will say a marktilli named Jarvis found me
Rick: Marktilli? I thought that was just a myth
Nightsky: Me too, but its not
Spooker: Alright Prescott, on 3.......1.........2........3!
*Prescott hits rick with a wrench, Rick passes out*
Milo (brown eye probshi): Er....Young general Rick? can you hear me? Are you still alive? Young general!!! Rick please wake up! I know you can hear me!!! Yeah I think he's dead guys, he is not moving...
*Rick wakes up*
Milo: wait no he is alive! I'm so glad your okay do you remember me? Milo?
Rocket ( husky Yoshi): okay? he has a scar on a face and a bruise on his head! He is not okay bro!!!
Rick: Milo? How did you manage to survive after the other Yoshi's forced us to kill you probshi? Well, none of that matters, don't get all " friendship" on me, I know your Spikes older brother...I don't trust you at all! So could someone tell me where I am?
Milo: Oh...your just like the others aren't ya? Just because im spikes brother, you think i'm evil? I expected better from you young general, I thought you were gonna be the one who still cared about me,
Tiro ( the probshi with the antenna and green eyes): By the way rick, your In scorna's jail thing... Spooker and some other purple dude brought you here
Rick: I am aware of that Tiro...But do you have any idea how to get out of here though?
*out of nowhere*
Tyler ( Psychotic normal green eyed probshi): YOLO! What are you guys up to uh? Oh Rick YELLO! Do you guys have any pickles for me
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