Infernal Eden Picture

Luna cares nothing for our penitence, but in her delirium she speaks to me, whispers of our freedom, her demise. When day and night embrace, we will eat the sun, swallow the moon. We will end the age of gods, and infernal Eden shall reign once more!
~"Saint" Courtaud

Watercolour and acrylic paint on a 40x50cm canvas. This has been in the works for a very long time. It could do with more detail, but I was beginning to worry that I'd end up ruining it. I may do a digital version (or edit this one) to see how things would look before changing the real one. I might even just start a second version from scratch- I realised early on that there were some fairly big things I wanted to change.

This is a scene from the mythology I came up with for Fair Game, which in turn borrows heavily from a lot of different myths and legends. Earth is originally populated only by mortals, but is later invaded/colonised by deities strong enough to pass between worlds (or drag their own realms close enough to form a bridge). In this way Earth becomes loosely connected to Heaven and Hell. Each side struggling for control of the relatively young world, the gods and devils enter into a war that it quickly becomes apparent neither will win. During the brief but disastrous battle, all the angels are killed, robbing the gods of their messengers and leaving them unable to speak. However, the powerful devils are sealed in their own realm, forcing them to interact with Earth only through weak demons, small enough to "slip through the cracks."

This stalemate continues for a very long time, until Earth (growing in power) begins to form its own deities. The first of these to attract the attention of the gods is Fenrir, who is initially taken in by the god Odin. However (following Norse mythology) when he begins to grow to a dangerous size (and when a prophecy reveals what the future holds), the gods chain him to a rock on Earth. When Fenrir eventually breaks free at the beginning of Ragnarok, his sons Skoll and Hati finally catch and devour Luna and Apollo (the moon and sun), which they have been chasing for more than seventy centuries. In the darkness that follows, Odin is swallowed by Fenrir and the other gods are slain by the creatures they ruled for so long. None of the deities from any realm survive this second, fiercer battle. When the new sun rises, it reveals a world in much the same condition as it was when it came into being -Infernal Eden- with no gods to interfere, and probably ready for the whole thing to start all over again.

I don't paint much, so any advice on this would be more than welcome. Luna and Apollo in particular could definitely use some work. I'm moderately happy with how the three wolves came out, though.
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