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This is a short story that appears at least twice already (maybe perhaps only once if I didn't put the rewritten versions on here) and was one of my first short fictional works during my first year at Huddersfield University when doing my degree which included creative writing. It is a story that has always been my favourite and one that has remained close to my heart as it truly demonstrates my love and passion for Viking culture and Norse Mythology.
This story (featured below this introduction) became my third year final peice of fiction in my degree and I have enhanced it, changed it, improved it and made it much more enjoyable I think due to the great teachings I received whilst studying creative writing. I have yet to find out my final mark for this particular piece but I have already received an honourable mention by all time favourite female author Joanne Harris. A woman who like myself discovered a love for the Norse myths when she was young and is now a best known childrens author for her dazzling book Runemarks which as you can tell by the name involves everything to do with Norse mythology from runes, to gods, to goblins and most importantly magic in belief in the old ways.
I recieved this honourable compliment and mention when I discovered that Joanne was holding a Fan Fiction competition due to her awareness of how her book Runemarks might have inspired young and old writers alike. Thus I entered this particular peice in the same condition and content as it was for my final year project as she did particularly only want short stories. I thought of no other best peice of work of my own than a story that she will be fond of due its inspiration and characters. I didn't win any of the three main prizes but she did mention me and my story and described it as 'great' which is a blessing to me.
Here is the link to see for yourself my name upon her website:

So please do read on to see if you believe Joanne has given my story justice and I hope you enjoy it as much as she did herself. Any comments are always welcome.
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