Influence Meme Picture

This is a Meme by Fox-Orian.

I really wanted to share what kind of Influences can be seen on my art and I'm glad that I saw this while searching on DA so I can really show it in a concrete and organized manner.

Influences: (Optional If you want to read or not)

Sailor Moon and all sorts of Magical Girls
- This is the first kind of anime that I watched making Sailor Moon the first anime I watched, sinced then, I always loved watching anime with the same genre. I really like the theme of being beautiful but can fight hardcore at the same time and fighting for love and justice.

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and other Eroges
- This has been explained on my Journal titled "Changed Avatar". So to make it short, I based my drawing style on Kiminozo's characters, from body proportion (which I can't perfect) to eyes, hair and expressions. Eroge girls are my template to create unique character designs and stories.

Manami Homura
- Many of my character sketches are like Manami Homura: Psycho Glasses Girls, Yandere-type, Kind and Smart type or just the Smart but Sweet Bully type.

- When I make stories and character sketches or designs, It is always related with religious and philosophical elements.

- Empowered Women are always the center of my artwork. This is rooted from my too much watching of Bishojou Girls and playing eroges.

- When I make a group of magical girls, I don't know but they end up always being three and the traits are like sugar, spice and everything nice...I didn't know why but I remembered my childhood when I always loved PPG so I think it must be because of that.

- Hentai helped me draw expressions that are powerful, and sexy bodies.
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