The Cursed Stone Picture

I've wanted to do a comic in my fantasy setting for a while, and think it turned out quite well, especially the layout of the panels- I've actaully had another comic floating around for ages, involving Grosvenor, but lost it.
The quality of drawing isn't exactly my best, but I think it's reasonably effective in a comic style. I could always add digital colour or something, anyway- the real problem I have is lettering.

My. Handwriting. Is. CRINGEWORTHY.

I have to print just to make it readable. It would be great to add that in digitally, but then I wouldn't know how much space to leave, and it would be a weird colour/tone, and it would look unnatural.

On the content: This is my attempt at a myth for the origin of werewolves. Lycanthropy is always described as a "curse," and in real-world mythology could be inflicted on someone through the use of rituals. Then again, it can spread through bites, suggesting a rabies-like disease. From that, I figure it should be a cross between the two.

I haven't completely worked out the wider plot for this, but the priests here have been trying to gain immortality through the Lunestone, a sacred artefact that was created during Ragnarok (7000 years before my usual time-period for writing). Completely focused on their goal, they don't care what methods they use to achieve it, even razing whole towns in their efforts to find the lunestone.

When they eventually find it, the hermit who was looking after it curses them with the first ironic punishment that he can think of.

Having been successful in their quest for immortality, the priests cannot truly die, even from a wound inflicted by a silver weapon. Trying to make up for their history of evil deeds, they live far away from civilization in an attempt to avoid passing on the curse. This doesn't stop people from hunting them, however, and they're uncontrollable during the full moon.

These priests are really the only "pure" werewolves. Ingolf, and the other "true" werewolves, have a weaker version of the curse, either through inheritance, a bite from one of the priests, or contact with the lunestone. Lycurgus, Ulric, Swiftpaw and the other assorted werewolf characters have the weakest, most common curse.

Let me know how I can improve this, both the myth and comic panels, but not so much the horrible drawing.
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