WU: Mortality Girls Picture

Hello, and welcome to our very first episode of "Webcomics: Underrated". Here I'll comment on DeviantART-hosted webcomics, most of which do not receive all the attention they deserve. Some of them do, though, but they are still good -- or bad -- enough to deserve a mention anyway. Nonetheless, let's get it started!

So, for my first try on the wondrous world of web reviews, I've been reading an amusing series filled of the joy of friendship, teamwork, witty remarks and blood. Ladies and gentlemen, meet =westbrook61's Mortality Girls


Mortality Girls starts with a pretty straight-forward storyline entitled "Meaghan Kills", in which, as you might have guessed, Meaghan kills people. It all happens in a movie theater, until the sheer number of corpses cause the wave of crime to be easily spotted, but it all solves itself at the end and no one gets hurt... except the ones that were stabbed and hammered to death, of course.

A few stories later, Meaghan and her two friendly partners in crime Tanya and Anisa, together with fellow ushers of the new movie theater they are employed after the old one was closed and nicknamed "The Multiplex of Death", see themselves once again involved in more murders and deaths and even a superplot of mystical powers that need them to do their job, whichever it is. As the story goes, more characters enter the story and some join the strange "sisterhood of killers". Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, September, a girl a bit too clever for her age, copes with some problems of the good old times, including a demonic child and Halloween mischief. All in good humour, of course.
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