Humanity, attempts One and Two Picture

A piece I created for my Mythology course in school, namely, depicting the first two tries at humanity by the Creators in Mayan creation myth.

A basic synopsis of the myth:

The sea and the sky exist.

The Creators exist too. They are apparently perfect beings, who can basically do whatever they want. Amusingly enough, the Creators never really seem to be able to do ANYTHING right, and keep getting dissatisfied with their own creations. The Creators also live... under the sea (break out into song at this point).

The Creators get bored with the sea, and make land. Then, they get bored with land, and make plants. Then, they decide it's too quiet, and make animals. You'd think that, being perfect beings, they couldn't get bored... but they can.

Of course, they soon realize that animals can't worship them (no brains, no ability to think, no speech, etc.), which is what they REALLY wanted all along, so the Creators try to fashion a human... out of mud.

Even I could have told you that was a bad idea. It comes out horribly - a completely unmotivated, spineless, unspeaking creature that can't reproduce (thankfully). The Creators stare at it for a little while, declare it a failure, and then kill it, in all ways, by pouring sap from the sky onto it. Somehow, they manage ONLY to hit the mud people, and leave the animals and plants intact.

After that, they decided to make them out of wood. That seemed like a marginally better idea to me, but they screwed that up too - their wooden creatures were soulless and automatonic. Honestly, I thought the wood ones were going to work, but hey! What do I know? I'm just a mortal.

So then they told all the animals to whoop the wooden people's asses, and, for some odd reason, they turned into monkeys as a result.

Finally four of the animals (coyote, crow, mountain cat, and small parrot - those last two really amused me) got together and told the creators about this plant called corn, even though they supposedly couldn't speak. Then, the creators made humans out of corn, and, for some reason, it worked better than wood.

Then, because humans were too perfect, they made them weaker. To make up for it, the Creators gave man woman.

Finally, as an afterthought, they created light.


It is a WEIRD myth.
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