Trecauco - Trauco Picture

Class: Illustration
Work: Create a character from the mythology of Chiloé (Chile)

It was supposed to be the Trecauco, (our teacher read us a book were he was called "Trecauco") but since I didn't find that name on the net, I'll think that Trauco is the same as Tetrauco. Here you have its/his description.

"In the traditional Chilota mythology of Chiloé, the Trauco is a humanoid creature of small stature - similar to a dwarf or goblin - who lives in the deep forests. It has with an ugly face, and legs without feet.

The Trauco is a mythical entity who inhabits the woods of Chiloé, an island in the south of Chile. It has a powerful magnetism that attracts young and middle-aged women. According to myth, the Trauco's wife is the wicked and ugly Fiura. The trauco carries a small stone-headed hatchet that he uses to strike trees in the forest to symbolize his sexual potency.

Whoever the Trauco choses will go to him, even if she is sleeping, and fall enraptured at his feet. No woman can resist his magical attraction; all have sex with him. Men of Chiloé fear the Trauco, as his gaze can be deadly.

When a single woman is pregnant and no one steps forward as the father, people assume that the Trauco is the father. Because the Trauco is irresistible, the woman is considered blameless. The Trauco is sometimes invoked to explain sudden or unwanted pregnancies, especially in unmarried women."

P.D.: I used my brother face as a reference to draw his/its facial expression 8DD ILU, BRO <3
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