Beginnings Picture

Before you start going wth? Why is there text on this?
Simple. My painting is large. My camera sucks at taking pics of it. This is from my school's art magazine from my senior year. It's 100% my pic. Trust me, those words are nothing compared to the crumminess that my camera's wrath brings upon it. Mom bough a new 5.0 pixel camera, I'll try to take a pic with that. But for now, this is what you'll have to suffer with.

The whole focus of this pic is the tree. That was the objective. Do a surrealistic picture with a tree in it.
I wanted a twisty tree. I could not find one twisty tree online anywhere.
I wanted a waterfall...not a single multi-tiered waterfall anywhere online. After I finished this, guess what I found? >.<
My first oil painting ever. OMG! I loved it. I didn't find it any more messy than acrylics and I loved the blending. A fellow classmate taught me how to do stars and I had minimal help from the teacher.

I was daydreaming one day and just sat looking at this painting and realized it actually holds a lot of symbolism.
Geb and Nut are the earth and sky (the two faces kissing) in Egyptian mythology if I remember right.
Depending on the myth, it was they who started life. Mind you, I just read another myth that contradicted that. >.< ah!
The tree growing from Gebs head would be the tree of knowledge.
The pyramid represented the ascension to the heavens and eternal life (to me anyways). Springing from it is water, the life giving liquid, falling to the earth and bringing life in it's wake.
Did I do this on purpose, no. Subconsciously, probably. I went through a Yu-Gi-Oh fanphase. Researched a lot of Egyptology because of it. Lots. It reflected in quite a few pieces of art.
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