Bloodbath Demon - Tophel - Kingu Picture

This was done on printer paper, because that was what was availible at the time. I quickly did this with #3 H, and .7mm. It was simple, but gives a powerful image.

In Babylonian mythology, Kingu is the son of Tiamat. There is an entire myth about Kingu alone, but the purpose of this picture is not to tell that myth. Kingu happens to be a character in my Bloodbath stories, and is both son and servant of Avatar Tiamat, a powerful demoness of the Tophel Clan. He makes a few appearances. I've used much symbology in this picture: the eyes on his gauntlets helping to represent the devious nature of his clan, the cresents on his lower greaves match the cresent tatoos on the goddess Leviathan, the ichthys symbol used in its original context as a pagan symbol, in this case representing pisces and Kingu's connection to Tiamat, as the ichthys symbol is shown as Tiamat's symbol. The inverted "A" sign is the symbol of the Tophel Clan as a whole.

Kingu is the son of Tiamat, and himself a highly powerful demon. Birthed from unholy waters, and infused with demonic energies, he is a formidable opponent, and a master swordsman as well. His favored weapons are his twin falchions of a very rare demonic metal called night steel. This is also the metal that his platemail armor is forged from. This metal can only be mined deep in Leviathan's swamps. Unlike normal demon ore, night steel is a blackish tone with the faintest glint of blue. Night steel is also lightweight, unlike normal demon ore.

The irony of Kingu is that while he is a Tophel demon (demon of deception, trickery, illusions, nightmares, ect.) he himself has been decieved by Tiamat, who uses him. He is loyal enough to Tiamat and Leviathan that he does not question his orders, even when they are not in his best interests.
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