Love and Death Picture

hehe talk about obscure x)

This here is a little fanart of Thanaos, the Greek personification of Death and Mortality, and Eros, a female interpretation of the Greek god of Love/Lust, as seen in the 1970 short, "Eggs", which can be seen here:

http:// com/watch?v= prC_eExhVQM
(gah, try putting it in the address bar without the spaces or just try searching for 'eggs short' on youtube and scroll down the list of results - darn smilies!)

I first watched it at an Independent Animators/Film Screening and Panel discussion I attended in January where Emily Hubley, the daughter of the directors of the short - Faith and John Hubley, was present.
The whole event itself was very interesting and enjoyable as I got to see all of these old shorts done in a variety of mediums - it was just so inspiring! <3 (Here's another short I got to see: [link] I love the storybook-ish style of this one - makes me feel nostalgic )

Anyways, the short itself is a fun, surrealistic, and thought-provoking look at the future of humanity concerning the medical field and overpopulation. Personally, my favourite bits were the banter between Thanatos and Eros - these characters had a fun chemistry that was just too cute! 8D

Therefore, I fanart'd. It's kinda sketchy and sloppy and quick, but I tried to imitate the style of the short at least a little. I think I was kinda successful, butnotrly. >>

hurrah for skeleton!blush x)

Thanatos and Eros belong to Faith and John Hubley. (aka not me)

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