Thor's Hammer Picture

Afterwork: I removed the cross that was hanging from his neck, added the hammer. Grayscaled, then filtered it through a sketch filter. Photocopy I think. Duotoned it with the blues, added the bigger image of the hammer, and the words. Last I bordered it with just the fade.

Created for and inspired by

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Many of the surviving tales of
Norse mythology centre on Thor's exploits, and from this and inscriptions on monuments we know that Thor was very much the favorite deity of ancient Scandinavians.

According to one myth in the Prose Edda, Loki was flying as a hawk one day and was captured by Geirrod. Geirrod, who hated Thor, demanded that Loki bring his enemy (who did not yet have his magic belt and hammer) to Geirrod's castle. Loki agreed to lead Thor to the trap. Grid was a giantess at whose home they stopped on the way to Geirrod's. She waited until Loki left the room then told Thor what was happening and gave him her iron gloves and magical belt and staff. Thor killed Geirrod and all other frost giants he could find (including Geirrod's daughters, Gjálp and Greip).

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