Nova as Princess of Lepus Picture

Nova as Princess of Lepus

Lepus, the hare:
An ancient constellation that has traditionally been pictured as a hare or rabbit. The constellation lies under the feet of Orion, so in mythology Lepus is usually being hunted by Orion. Another story tells of how Lepus was once a bird who was changed into a hare by Ostara, the Goddess of Spring. Once a year the hare was allowed to lay eggs, this is the origin of the Easter Bunny. The word Easter is derived from Ostara (Ostern in German).
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Nova is based on this constellation and an old pagan myth/neopaganism( in wikipedia)
In my mind, she is the cousin of the easter bunny

Note: she has her own website which will be revealed in my journal
she also has her own story, which is currently undergoing a rewrite.
she is holding a sword that looks like a carrot, hence the carrot-like hilt next to her.

Note: received help from my little-st sis for this! Much thanks to her!

Submitted: November 4, 2006

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