Love in the fog Picture

Okey so its finelly done it took the whole day but it was worth it. Ambie a cute couple with a complicated story.

A devil an angel and since they riding so close to a old creek the horse is "bäckahästen". A dangerus horse from the scandinavia mythology. That trick people to sit up on its back before it ran back to the water and killed the people that he tricked. It's like the Scottish (coincidence that my character Amber was born in Sweden and Maras character Robbie was born in Scotland if I remaber right)
myth Kelpie who also is a white horse that offering great services for those who can master them but inevitably pulls down the unfortunate rider in drowning death. But it looks like Devil Robbie have everything under control.

And I figured that I didn't give Me a birthday present so...Happy (very late) birthday Mara

link to line art Link.

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil.

Characters belong to me and
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