The dragon rowan 1 Picture

Original pencil drawing.
This drawing is from a series of christmas cards that I have designed over the years. Each year I add another one which explains the mythology around the card subject i have chosen to depict.
Cards are printed and then hand tinted with coloured pencils.

Yule legends speak of a special star that glowed a top of the mythical Rowan tree, which heralded life returning to the world of darkness. The star clad Rowan became the forerunner of the modern Christmas tree. In Icelandic myth the Rowan is particularly strong at the winter solstice, at this time the tree is bare of foliage and when covered in frost, it appears as though covered with stars, powerfully expressing the outpouring light of the spirit in the darkest part of the year.
The Rowan is closely associated with dragon energies. Dragons traditionally guard great treasures, like the life force itself, the dragon is virtually indestructible. The druids believed that the Rowan is the protector of stone circles and was guarded by a strong dragon.
The tree was considered by the Celt's to be the tree of life.

Yule 2007

May your gods go with you.
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