The Dragonlord Picture

(For the purposes of the Voltron Twitter RP, I developed the pantheon of Balto, Pidge's home planet. The least powerful but most accessible wing of the Baltan pantheon is known as the Kezra: seven elemental deities who act on the mortal plane at the command of the higher gods. And of course I drew them all.)

The Baltan god of wind: Kyenzan the Dragonlord. He leads the legions of the tazikyra, shadowy six-winged dragons which are nearly invisible in Balto's perpetual starlight. (Tazikyra literally means 'wind elemental', but is usually just translated as 'dragon'.)
Baltan elemental philosophy associates Kyenzan with life, though he is not the god of life by any means (the Baltan god of life belongs to a higher pantheon). He is also considered the god of love in all its forms, which ancient myth claims he discovered and brought to mortals. The Baltans having evolved into a highly logical and not-mushy civilization, this association with love has been nearly forgotten, even by most of the small fraction who still take their mythology seriously.

Kyenzan has appeared in the RP, keeping an eye on Pidge, and hinting that the Baltan gods may have some as-yet-unknown interest in Voltron's welfare...
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