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Here I present the mythology for my retelling. I fiddled around with the format to make it at least look like epic poetry (I'm no bloody Milton though, that's for sure) and borrowed a LOT from other creation myths.

Christianity/Judaism/Islam, Paradise Lost, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40K (though the "Old Night" reference is really from Milton) and naturally the star-centric lore of the Mario series.

I sort of forgot about the stars to be honest. This section had to be completely rewritten because I wrote the story from an atheistic perspective because I couldn't recall there being anything really 'religious' in Mario. Only then did I recall how important stars are in the setting. (I haven't played the Galaxy games, but I know they are SUPER important in that one. But, seeing how this is based of of the old games... no Luma for you. And no Rosalina. Yet. Maybe I'll create some sort of sect that worships a "Star Mother" or something. This is where feedback would be nice, guys.)

So yeah. Not groundbreakingly original but I tried to give it oomph. Legends are powerful, you know.

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