Cannaban 0-1-1 Picture

One of the basic conflicts is the one between nature and humanity. It used to be a struggle for survival but in modern times humanity seems to have pulled ahead. Indeed there are many people today who believe that humanity is pressing its advantage too far and is endangering itself by overstepping its station. This situation gets represented in today’s myths (movies, comics, games) rather commonly as the struggle between an industrialized and uncaring empire trampling over the more peaceful ‘forest folk’ who are in touch with nature, and naturally it is the latter group who are framed as the heroes.

This is the sort of mythological backdrop that the ‘War on Drugs’ should be contextualized by. It’s so easy to work the war on marijuana into this framework that one begins to believe that it is true, that we live out mythic stories, and that our lives and actions actually do matter.

I hope that someday that this war will be over and that readers of this story will be able to get from it a true understanding of what life was like in the age of the cannaban.

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